Having a strong online presence is essential when trying to gain the trust of modern consumers. Start by conquering the search results in your local area first.  After that, you can try to attract consumers from all over the world and achieve search engine domination. A recent study found that  offering a location-based online coupon can lead to a 9900 percent increase in mobile revenue.

Using the right keywords and fundamental SEO tactics is a great start. You will have to do more to edge out the local competition. If you are trying to achieve local search engine domination, then you need to avoid these common mistakes.


A Complete Google My Business Profile is Imperative

Inexperienced business owners fail to realize there is a big difference between regular search engine domination requests and location-based ones. If a person puts in a town or state in their text or voice-based search query, it will immediately give them location-based results. In location-based searches, a user will be presented with a large map of the area and a list of location-specific Google My Business profiles. If you do not have a Google My Business profile set up for your company. Therefore, will lose a lot of website traffic and potential leads.

These profiles provide consumers with contact information and the address of your business. They also provide them with online reviews. Modern consumers want the social proof provided by these reviews. The more information provided to a potential customer, the easier it will be to gain their trust. Having a complete Google My business will help you get closer to complete search engine domination in your website.

Avoid Low-Quality Website Content

Some entrepreneurs put so much time and money into optimizing their local search marketing campaigns that they forget about optimizing their website. Your website needs to be fast and reliable, and will also need to feature informative and engaging blog content and plenty of information about your business.

If a consumer feels your website is poorly constructed, they may get the wrong idea about your company. Instead of trying to develop and publish this content your own, you need to allow professionals to handle this work. By hiring professionals, you can focus less on content development and more on growing your business. Hiring professionals will also help you and your business achieve search engine domination.

Social Media Activity is a Must

Social media activity is a factor considered by Google when assigning rank to a business website? Therefore you need to make an effort to develop a social media presence. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is also a great way to get local consumers interested in the products/services you offer.

Local Search Optimization Made Easy

The main goal of RocketBrain SEO, Inc. is to help our clients reach their marketing goals. Call us for more information on how we can help you locally achieve search engine domination in your business.

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