Does your company need help to improve conversion rates? A tool that marketing professionals use today to test the probably of conversions with a website design or page layout is A/B testing. Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to predict what is going to convert. Thus, you must let the results of A/B testing guide you. Failure to do this will eventually lead to failure (or at least subpar conversions).

When creating a landing page or email, there are certain tips to help you improve conversion rates. Keep reading to learn what those things are.

Your Value Proposition

Being able to communicate the value proposition of your product is a crucial aspect of your landing pages and your emails. What does your brand sell? What sets you apart and what makes you unique? Why should your target audience consider what you offer over the competition?

Take some time to collect data on the value propositions that best resonate with your users. Asking about this doesn’t work, because even if someone thinks they know, they probably don’t. Approximately 95% of all purchase decisions will occur in the subconscious mind. In addition to being able to validate your value proposition using data, you must consider the motivation of a user. A formula to help you with this is: Motivation equals perceived benefit minus perceived cost. The perceived benefit refers to the things that are in your value proposition statement. The perceived cost refers to all the factors involved with buying the product, such as reading the instructions, using it, talking to customer service, sending the product back, etc.

If the seen cost of your item exceeds the seen benefit, the user isn’t going to convert.This is another tip to help you improve conversion rates.

Evaluate Your Call to Action

The purpose of a call to action is to tell your audience specifically what they need to do next. Your call to action must be strong.

By telling people what to do, the options are very limited. If there is more than one call to action, a user may not be able to choose which one to follow and decide to forego all the options.

The language you use in your CTA also matters. For example, just the difference in “buy now,” vs. “purchase,” can make a huge difference in the total conversion rate. By testing different CTAs, you can find out what your audience finds appealing. This lets you know what direction to go.

Increase Your Conversions with These Tips

The fact is, increasing the conversions on your website can be challenging. While this is true, the tips here will help you do this. Remember, one of the best things you can do is to use A/B testing which is going to help you see what booms with your audience.

You can also reach out to the professionals for help with this process. If your efforts aren’t successful, let us help. We have the ability and knowledge to ensure that your conversion rate is as high as possible. Contact us at RocketBrain SEO, Inc. to learn more.

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