Throughout the year, advertising platforms like Google and Facebook continually update their  offerings. They do it to make them more effective for advertisers and small business owners. Ad platforms release more updates and new mechanics around the holidays since most businesses will increase their advertising budgets.


Facebook has an extremely diverse audience, which is helpful for finding the perfect audience for an ad campaign. However, this level of diversity can be a problem when you need to make an ad that can reach and convert with a wide range of audiences. In the past, trying to reach multiple audience demographics required advertisers to make many different ad variations.

One of the key ways Facebook does this is with its dynamic formats and ad creative solutions. Facebook uses data from customer behavior that lets them know if the viewer prefers one format (e.g. collection) or another (e.g. carousel), as well as how likely they are to engage or convert when they view content in their preferred format. Advertisers can leverage this solution within the Facebook Dynamic Ad unit when creating ads for the catalog sales, traffic and conversions objectives in Ads Manager or the API.

According to Facebook, “In a recent test of 12 eCommerce and Retail advertisers, we found that leveraging dynamic formats and ad creative outperformed carousel-only ads in driving lift across content views, add-to-cart, purchases, and sales. Results further showed an average of 34% improvement in incremental ROAS, 10% improvement in lift and 6% lower cost per incremental purchase, compared to carousel-only ads.”

Advertisers should take some time to look at these options so they can make the most of them during the holiday season. For more recent news about updates to Facebook Advertising read this article on the newest Facebook ad placement options.