Investing in comprehensive online marketing campaigns is crucial when trying to generate more leads. Most business owners spend around 10% of their annual gross revenue on marketing. The most important resource a business owner should be concerned with is reassuring the money spent on marketing is going to the correct places. Sinking money into ineffective marketing methods and campaigns will result in plenty of problems. Some business owners think that they can do things like, keyword research and website content audits on their own. Without the precise amount of research, getting this type of work done will be nearly impossible. What is better Hiring a marketing professionals or DIY SEO?


DIY SEO Can Get You in Trouble

Setting marketing goals and achieving them can be difficult. Business owners are typically very independent people and try to handle their own marketing. The biggest mistake most business owners make when carrying out DIY marketing campaigns is using black hat SEO techniques. Things like keyword stuffing and the use of private blog directories should be avoided at all costs. The temporary website traffic increase these black hat SEO techniques generate is not worth the risk of being blacklisted by Google. Another problem a business owner will face when trying to do their own marketing is the absence of data and analytics tools. Failing to collect data from website visitors will put you at a disadvantage when it comes to figuring out what customers are looking for. Therefore, using an experienced professional to help with your marketing needs is fundamental.


 Marketing Professionals or DIY SEO

Choosing a company with experience in marketing is the wise decision to help you reach a wider audience. However, there are a variety of different marketing agencies to choose from. This is why you should take your time and find the best option.

Let Marketing Professionals Audit Your Website

One of the first things a marketing agency will want to do is audit your existing website. During this audit, a marketing professional will look at important factors like, your blog content, page load speeds and a host of other variables.

Having this information allows marketing professionals to see where changes need to be made. If  content doesn’t feature the right keywords, then professionals will either include them or replace the existing blogs with new ones.

Monitoring the Progress You Are Making

Hiring marketing professionals also allows you to closely monitor the advertising campaigns you are engaged in. if one or more of these campaigns isn’t working out, they need to scrap it and try something different. The marketing company  should be able to weigh in on how to fully optimize the campaigns you have going.

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